Women Theory

We must also consider that the subject of this discussion, that is correct, the women, could be to blame.  After all, men would have no opportunity to objectify women if women were never sexually expressive. With that being said, we will now look at the theories that blame women for their own sexual objectification.  This includes the women who openly objectify themselves by working in the sex industry. 

There are millions of women who volunteer to work in the sex industry by modeling nude, being a stripper/exotic dancer, working in pornography, etc. Many people feel that these women give up their pride and self respect by showing their bodies in order to make money.  It is impossible to estimate the number of women working in the industry because many women will not admit it, and many facilities are illegal. 

While some people would like to think that women are being forced to work in such places, it is not the truth.  In reality, many women work in the industry because they enjoy it and feel empowered by it. In a book titled Naked Ambition, women who work in the industry tell their stories.  Jayme Waxman, who talks and writes about sex and is a freelance pornographer, claims that she belongs in the sex industry and that the industry has a limitless potential.  As a little girl, Jayme looked at porn and aspired to be in Playboy because “the thought of other people getting excited when they looked at [her] naked body was as satisfying to [her] as the thought of looking at them” (Waxman 44). So when she grew up, she started a career in the sex industry, and when discussing how people perceive her as perverted she claims that, “It’s all about how you define yourself, and not how the dictionary defines you” (Waxman 51). Therefore, women in the industry feel empowered and fine with showing themselves. They do not care what men or other women think of them.  However, this results in men looking in all women that way. It also shows women that they are here for men to look at. It is not just the entertainers and females working in the sex industry that do this, though.

Many regular, everyday women do the same thing.  It is not uncommon to see young women dressing promiscuously and showing off their bodies.  It is also not unusual to see women, especially young women in college, flashing men and cameras.  In an episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Kari Ann Peniche flashed all of the male patients. One of the other girls, Lisa D’Amato, explained that it was girls like her [Kari Ann] that make men think it is okay to look at them and treat them in bad ways (Pinksy). This shows that women who pursue inappropriate behaviors change the reputation of all women.  As long as women are willing to act in such ways, men will continue to objectify them.