Open a magazine, turn on the television, go on the Internet, or simply open your eyes as you walk down the street and you will see it—the sexual objectification of women. According to a feminist blog, sexual objectification is “the viewing of people solely as de-personalized objects of desire instead of as individuals with complex personalities and desires/plans of their own” (Tigtog). Open a magazine and turn to an advertisement picturing a girl with minimal clothing advertising perfume. Turn on the television and see girls in bikinis talking about medicine. Go on the Internet and look at what celebrities are wearing.  Open your eyes as you walk down the street and see many girls and women in mini-skirts or similar outfits consisting of the least amount of clothing possible.  These are all everyday examples of women being seen as sex objects, and that includes just a few.  However, the question is not whether women are seen as sex objects or not that matters, it is WHY. Why are women posing nude as a career? Why are young girls trying to show off as much skin as they can? Why are women buying into these gender stereotypes?

Why are women seen the way that they are?

Women are sexually objectified and there are many plausible factors contributing to this objectification.  Therefore, this website contains different explanations of why the sexual objectification of women exists will be discussed. 

is important to acknowledge the different theories that have been proposed as causes of the way women are viewed.  In actuality, hundreds of theories have been proposed. The main theories state that society is responsible for the objectification of females, while others state that it is science/nature, and lastly, some theories even blame the women who allow themselves to be seen as sex objects.